IFINSEC Financial Sector IT Security Conference and Exhibition will be organized on 14-15 November 2017 in Istanbul Turkey. IFINSEC is a niche and dedicated conference focusing on IT Security, Information Security and Cyber Security technologies and solutions for financial sector. IFINSEC Conference presents a perfect platform for solution providers to introduce their solutions including platform, system, software, hardware, services and consultancy. IFINSEC is one of the most important conferences in EMEA region on IT Security, Information Security and Cyber Security technologies and solutions for financial sector. An intensive participation is expected to IFINSEC 2017 Conference from EMEA region and also from others parts of the world. We recommend you not to miss this great event.

    IFINSEC Conference presents a perfect platform at where speakers share their experience, knowledge, visions and future forecasts with the visitors. The language of the conference speeches will be English or Turkish. Simultaneous translation to Turkish or English will be available during conference speeches.

    IFINSEC will have a conference exhibition area at where sponsor companies will introduce and demonstrate their solutions to the attendees. IFINSEC Conference will be a great opportunity for the sponsor companies to introduce their latest technologies and solutions and carry out demonstrations of their solutions. Conference halls and the exhibition area are next to each other.

    An intensive participation is expected to IFINSEC Conference from many countries of the world. Istanbul is a very easily and quickly accessible city from many world cities especially in Europe, Asia and North Africa. This makes IFINSEC one of the most important events in EMEA in its category. IFINSEC Conference is an unmissable event.
    Financial Sector Institutions That IFINSEC Focuses are:

    • - Banks
    • - Insurance Companies
    • - Financial Service Companies
    • - Stock Exchanges
    • - Stock Brokerage Companies
    • - Investment Companies
    • - Leasing Companies
    • - Credit Card Companies
    • - Credit Unions
    • - Fund Companies
    • - Microfinance Companies
    • - Mortgage Lender Companies
    • - Payment Card Services Companies‎
    • - Private Equity Companies
    • - Venture Capital Companies
    • - Collection Agencies
    • - Commodity Exchange
    Main topics of the IFINSEC Conference are presented below:
    • - IT Security
    • - Information Security
    • -Cyber Security
    • - Network Security
    • - Big Data Security
    • - Mobile Security
    • - Cloud Security
    • - Application Security
    • - Web Security
    • - End User Security
    • - Database Security
    • - Identity and Access Management
    • - Protection From Banking Malware
    • - IT Risk Management
    • - IT Compliance
    Full List of Conference Topics


    Below professionals of large institutions operating in the private sector:
    • - Top Management including CEO, CTO, CDO, CIO, COO
    • - CISOs
    • - IT Security and Cyber Security Directors, Group Managers, Managers
    • - IT Security Professionals
    • - Information Security Professionals
    • - Cyber Security Professionals
    • - Network Security Professionals
    • - Mobile Security Professionals
    • - Cloud Security Professionals
    • - Application Security Professionals
    • - Web Security Professionals
    • - Access Management Professionals
    • - Database Security Professionals
    • - Data Center Professionals
    • - IT Infrastructure Professionals
    • - IT Department Professionals
    • - Disaster Recovery Professionals
    • - Business Continuity Professionals
    • - IT Risk Management Professionals
    • - IT Governance and Compliance Professionals
    • - IT Audit Professionals
    • - Fraud Prevention Professionals
    • - Penetration Testing Professionals
    • - Purchasing Department Executives and Experts



    • Citrix


    • Kaspersky



    • Enbiltek



    • ISSA


Full List of Sponsors